Chuck Harris

EVP & Chief Development Officer

Chuck Harris leads the Alliance Development Team whose mission it is to grow NetAmerica's 4G LTE footprint by working with wireless license holders across the U.S. interested in joining the NetAmerica Alliance to provide 4G LTE service to citizens in rural America.

With the fundamentally held belief that where you live should not limit your access to leading edge communication services, Mr. Harris and his team also work with Alliance Members to develop winning branding and marketing programs to more effectively communicate with customers and the market while positioning them against competition, to become "the thought leader" in 4G LTE in their chosen markets.

From an early beginning in product management at AT&T, to executive roles at Siemens where he was Global VP & GM of their Internet Solutions Business Unit, and VP and GM of their U.S. Data Networking Business Unit, Mr. Harris has a broad perspective on this industry from circuit switched technology to IP based networks and 4G LTE mobile broadband.

In marketing and sales roles with next generation start-ups he has branded, positioned and launched a number of new entities in various markets and has run sales and marketing teams at a Competitive Local Exchange Provider (CLEC) and an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Mr. Harris has a B.S. in Engineering in Thermodynamics from Syracuse University, an MBA from Duke University and has worked closely with rural carriers throughout the United States.