Mike Czerwinski

Chief Financial Officer

As an experienced strategic and financial leader, Mr. Czerwinski is responsible for all fiscal matters for NetAmerica.  He also provides financial analysis for both prospective and current NetAmerica Members.

Prior to NetAmerica, Mr. Czerwinski served in a leadership role that oversaw high-level Financial Services consulting for communications services providers that included new ventures planning and analysis, assessments of changes in operation and construction plans, operational reviews and assessments, merges and acquisitions, accounting, bookkeeping and more.

Mr. Czerwinski has more than 30 years of telecommunications experience and has led both large and small ILEC and CLEC organizations to financial success.

In addition to his wireline experience, Mr. Czerwinski started a PCS venture in several metropolitan areas while serving as President of EATEL, where he fostered the launch of the company's PCS wireless startup partnership—from inception through construction and launch.  Mr. Czerwinski's other roles include executive positions with Fox & Czerwinski, LLC, BroadLink Telecom, LLC, and Valor Telecommunications.

Mr. Czerwinski holds a BSEE from Louisiana State University and an MBA from the University of New Orleans.