BIT Communications Lights up Virginia With Bonfire

NetAmerica Alliance Member brings high-speed 4G LTE connectivity to rural Virginia                                        

Dallas, TX (September 9, 2014) – NetAmerica Alliance, LLC today announced that Buggs Island Telephone Cooperative (dba BIT Communications) has gone live with 4G LTE broadband service under the NetAmerica Alliance service brand, Bonfire™.  NetAmerica Member, BIT Communications, headquartered in Bracey, Virginia, has built a 4G LTE network which currently consists of nine sites covering Amelia, Brunswick, Lunenburg, Mecklenburg, and Nottoway counties.

“We are thrilled to bring high-quality broadband access to underserved areas of southern Virginia.  Dependable, affordable connectivity is crucial to the growth and prosperity of our rural communities.  In joining the Alliance, we were able to speed time to market, reduce risk and with the support of the Alliance and its Members, achieve the scale we needed,” said Michele Taylor, Wireless Operations Manager, BIT Communications.

BIT was awarded an NTIA federal broadband stimulus grant and a Virginia Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission grant to build a wireless broadband network. These grants, served as a catalyst for BIT’s commitment to provide their communities with leading edge communications as a means for economic stimulus and revitalization.

BIT joined the NetAmerica Alliance in 2013 and immediately took advantage of the tools, programs, infrastructure, and capabilities which the Alliance delivers to all its Members.  While some companies merely provide 4G core hosting services, NetAmerica’s holistic model is aimed at helping Members mitigate technology and business risk in the successful deployment and operation of a 4G LTE Network.

“It’s fantastic to see another Member successfully deliver 4G LTE and launch service to their rural community.  The Alliance was formed not only to ensure the longevity of rural communications service providers but to improve the quality of life for those residents who choose to live and work in rural areas.  It is our fundamental belief that these communities need to have the same access to leading edge communications services as those in urban areas and we are proud to see BIT bring this goal to life,” said Roger Hutton, NetAmerica Chairman and CEO.

About NetAmerica Alliance:
The NetAmerica Alliance is a democratic, peer-to-peer union of independent Communication Service Providers (CSP) joining forces to secure the future of rural America.  Through the programs, services, capabilities and investment in infrastructure with which the Alliance arms its Members and through the manner in which they work for their individual and collective success, NetAmerica helps to mitigate business and technology risk to yield successful and profitable deployment of 4G LTE service.  The Alliance believes in rural America and the virtues of independence, community, and family.  We also believe that irrespective of geography—every individual should have access to modern communication services that maintain those valuable connections.  For more information, visit:

About Buggs Island Telephone Cooperative (BIT Communications):

The Buggs Island Telephone Cooperative (BIT), founded in 1951, provides quality communications services and products, along with rapid deployment of the latest wireless technology and infrastructure necessary to assist in the economic revitalization efforts of south central Virginia. For more information, visit:

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