Interest in NetAmerica Alliance Expands into Northwestern Kansas

S&T Telephone Cooperative Analyzes Deploying 4G LTE Mobile Broadband Wireless

Dallas, TX (July 27, 2011) – NetAmerica Alliance, LLC today announced that S&T Telephone Cooperative/Communications in northwestern Kansas has signed an agreement with NetAmerica to engage in a business case analysis (BCA). A BCA provides a detailed financial analysis of rolling out 4G LTE service in a spectrum holder’s license area utilizing the valuable services provided to participant members by NetAmerica. It is a key step in the process of becoming a charter member of the alliance. S&T Telephone brings the number of 4G spectrum owners who have begun, have completed, or who are considering a BCA with NetAmerica to over 50 carriers.

S&T Telephone Cooperative/Communications continues the commitment it made to rural Kansas in 1952 which is to serve its members with the most advanced communication services available. They currently provide service to 13 counties and their 4G spectrum covers a population of 46,395 and land area of 11,055 square miles.

“The NetAmerica Alliance continues to grow,” said Roger Hutton, Chairman and CEO of NetAmerica. “It is becoming clearer every day that independent carriers are very comfortable joining forces with other alliance members. We have the same goals, the same vision for our communities, and when spectrum owners see the financial return after executing a business case analysis, their response is overwhelming.”

“The NetAmerica Alliance model is compelling and doing a detailed business case analysis allows us to understand how that model helps us succeed and enables us to focus on what we need to do to be successful when we roll out a 4G LTE service,” said Steve Richards, CEO of S&T Telephone Cooperative/Communications. “We are pleased to be taking this next step with NetAmerica and appreciate how closely we are aligned on our vision for rural America.”

4G/LTE is recognized by many as the next step in the future of telecommunications. Large carriers are now starting to bring 4G enabled services based on LTE technology to metropolitan markets. Independent carriers have a long heritage of offering leading edge services to their communities and the NetAmerica Alliance enables them to continue that legacy of innovation and independence.

About NetAmerica Alliance, LLC
NetAmerica Alliance, LLC is an alliance of independent carriers, led by an experienced management team, who have joined forces to build-out 4G LTE service in the carriers’ license coverage areas. Through the alliance, the members gain collective strength and cost advantages comparable to large carriers. In effect, many separate operating entities essentially become one, while maintaining their independence.

NetAmerica provides buying power, nationwide branding, marketing and training programs, a network operations center, core networking elements, applications development and nationwide roaming arrangements. Members run the network in their own territories, while NetAmerica provides the critical mass and economies of scale needed to thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. Website:

About S&T
S&T Telephone Cooperative has been providing reliable and cost-effective telephone service to its members since 1952. Originally formed by local residents to provide rural Sherman and Thomas County (thus the name S&T) farms and ranches with basic telephone services, S&T has evolved into a total communications provider, supplying telephone service, high-speed internet access, web hosting/design, computer sales/support as well as quality analog and digital CATV programming to its members in northwestern Kansas.

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