NetAmerica Alliance and GetLisa Information Systems Announce Cooperation Agreement

NetAmerica Continues To Expand Ecosystem

Dallas, TX (September 16, 2011) – NetAmerica Alliance, LLC and GetLisa Information Systems today announced a cooperation agreement targeted at defining and delivering value added solutions to mobile broadband users in rural America.  The cooperation agreement is an example of NetAmerica’s commitment to building an ecosystem for its participant members and to leveraging that ecosystem as they roll out 4G LTE service.

GetLisa provides a number of current NetAmerica Alliance members with messaging solutions, rich local content and other applications for their 3G networks today which will need to be migrated to a 4G LTE environment and ultimately integrated with an IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) core operated by NetAmerica.   With clients in common, and a shared vision for mobile services in rural America, both companies agreed that cooperating on migrating existing solutions to a 4G LTE world and cooperating on new services over time makes sense.

“GetLisa Information Systems has a great reputation with existing NetAmerica participant members,” said Roger Hutton, Chairman and CEO of NetAmerica.  “One of the benefits of being part of the alliance is to participate in our growing ecosystem and we are committed to building a powerful ecosystem for our members. Our cooperation agreement with GetLisa is an example of NetAmerica delivering on that commitment.”

“We are very pleased to be working with NetAmerica,” said George Woodward, CEO of GetLisa Information Systems. “We are excited to not only work with them on migrating our current solutions to a 4G LTE network but to jointly defining and delivering new services as part of their ecosystem.  GetLisa will help provide a differentiator for NetAmerica Alliance Partners with compelling local and national content, shortcodes and apps.”

NetAmerica  has joined forces with rural independent license holders, that are deploying  converged 4G wireless/wireline networks, to provide business and network services including combined buying power, nationwide branding, 24/7 network monitoring, 4G core network elements, applications development and other key services needed to build the converged network of the future. 

The partnership with NetAmerica Alliance is another step in GetLisa’s overall Get Smart mobile strategy, which leverages the company’s thought leadership positions in the mobile space, ranging from data services to mobile content like ringtones and shortcodes to smartphone applications.

About NetAmerica Alliance, LLC
NetAmerica Alliance, LLC is an alliance of independent carriers, led by an experienced management team, who have joined forces to build-out 4G LTE service in the carriers’ license coverage areas. Through the alliance, members gain collective strength and cost advantages comparable to that of large carriers. In effect, many separate operating entities essentially become one, while maintaining their independence.

NetAmerica provides buying power, nationwide branding, marketing and training programs, a network operations center, core networking elements, applications development and nationwide roaming arrangements. Members run the network in their own territories, while NetAmerica provides the critical mass and economies of scale needed to thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. Website:

About GetLisa Information Services
GetLisa is a leading provider of wireless data services in North America. Our carrier customers are a balanced mix of GSM and CDMA, post-pay, prepay and advance-pay operators who partner with us for our infrastructure messaging solutions, rich content, ad-serving and reporting platforms, and advanced MicroLocal™ applications that can help carriers differentiate themselves from their competition.

Headquartered in Boulder, CO, GetLisa provides everything you need for mobile data services – and more. Our goal is to work with our carrier partners to consistently increase average revenue per user (ARPU), broaden their subscriber base, and increase revenue. With our revenue-share model, we’re the perfect partner because we make money when you do. For more information, visit

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