NetAmerica Alliance Completes Landmark Research on Rural Market

Uncovers What is Important to Rural Consumers in the Delivery of 4G LTE Services

Dallas, TX (March 14, 2012) – NetAmerica Alliance, LLC today announced that it has completed what it believes to be one of the most comprehensive primary market research studies performed on the rural consumer marketplace. The study was performed for the purpose of developing its national service brand and to prepare Alliance Members to successfully establish that brand in their respective markets. The research will also help direct development and deployment of the Alliance’s differentiated service offerings.

Understanding that members and potential members are wrestling with how best to brand and market their 4G LTE service when larger carriers encroach on their serving areas, NetAmerica is committed to equipping them with facts and data on what is truly important to rural consumers. The market research study, conducted over a 90-day period, included a combination of secondary research, surveys of more than 800 rural consumers, and one-on-one video interviews in businesses, coffee shops, and on the streets of rural towns across America. The interviews were videotaped and, along with the survey data, were analyzed in detail to form the basis for the service brand positioning and name which will be rolled out by Alliance Members. Key conclusions from that research will be shared by NetAmerica in their pre-conference session at the upcoming RCA Conference in Orlando on March 28th.

“NetAmerica Alliance is committed to arming our members for success,” said Roger Hutton, Chairman and CEO of NetAmerica Alliance, LLC. “Marketing support is one of the many services we provide to 4G LTE license holders who join the Alliance. The research we have completed has already provided existing members incredible insight as to what their potential customers deem important in the delivery, support, and branding of a 4G LTE service. The data will prove invaluable as they prepare to roll out aggressively in their individual markets.”

NetAmerica Alliance, officially launched in early 2011, selected its technology partner (Ericsson) in March of 2011 and has since gone from launch to live service in less than a year. While others have talked about serving rural America, the Alliance has been busy working out operational issues, deploying network infrastructure and bringing online its IMS SuperCenter which will provide Alliance Members the tools and infrastructure they need to deploy advanced 4G LTE applications, as well as a platform upon which to converge wireline and wireless services, thereby protecting their core business and providing their customers with high value “anytime, anywhere” services.

About NetAmerica Alliance, LLC
NetAmerica Alliance, LLC is an alliance of independent carriers, led by an experienced management team, who have joined forces to build-out 4G LTE service in the carriers’ license coverage areas. Through the Alliance, members gain collective strength and cost advantages comparable to that of large carriers. In effect, many separate operating entities essentially become one, while maintaining their independence.

NetAmerica provides advanced multi-media IP services, buying power, nationwide branding, marketing and training programs, a network operations center, key networking elements, applications development and nationwide roaming arrangements. Members run the network in their own territories, while NetAmerica empowers advanced revenue generating services and provides the critical mass and economies of scale needed to thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. Website:

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