NetAmerica Alliance Deploys TrueCall

RAN Monitoring and Optimization Tool Improves Service and Performance

Dallas, TX (November 21, 2013) - NetAmerica Alliance, LLC, announced today the deployment of TrueCall® for RAN monitoring and optimization as part of  its continued focus on arming Alliance Members with the services, tools, infrastructure, programs, and capabilities needed to successfully and profitably deploy 4G LTE service in rural America.

"TrueCall is an outstanding addition to our Members' toolkit.  Its real-time, subscriber-level data allows our Members to react with speed and agility to optimize network performance and customer service.  The valuable intelligence it produces empowers sound strategic decisions on network evolution and growth," stated Roger Hutton, NetAmerica Chairman and CEO.

TrueCall, developed by Newfield Wireless, is a real-time analytics platform that geolocates and analyzes every subscriber event in the 4G LTE network, capturing and correlating data on the device, RAN, and core.  It unlocks a rich user experience and provides location data, enabling operators to optimize and correlate network performance to subscriber experience. This maximizes service assurance, reduces network costs, monetizes subscriber data, and optimizes planned network investment.  TrueCall generates maps and reports (based on individual session detail records and key performance indicators) which can be used by network performance engineers to examine cell overshooting and areas of interference, study call traffic and locate dropped or failed calls, augment drive-testing and understand demand density.  Its ability to drill down and visualize actual subscriber data via its mapping tool is extremely powerful.  NetAmerica has armed its Members with a complete and highly performing operational support system and now TrueCall becomes part of that industry leading toolkit.

"TrueCall's benefits are multifaceted, improving the quality of service and responsiveness for customer care, field techs and executive management.  It is especially valuable for our rural Members.  Thanks to TrueCall's virtualization capabilities, technical trouble-shooting can be performed and decisions made without costly truck rolls," said Alan Alexander, NetAmerica Senior Director of Operations.

About NetAmerica Alliance:
The NetAmerica Alliance is a democratic, peer-to-peer union of independent Communication Service Providers (CSP) joining forces to secure the future of rural America.  Through the programs, services, capabilities, and investment in infrastructure with which the Alliance arms its Members and through the manner in which they work for their individual and collective success, NetAmerica helps to mitigate business and technology risk to yield successful and profitable deployment of 4G LTE service.  The Alliance believes in rural America and the virtues of independence, community, and family.  We also believe that irrespective of geography, every individual should have access to modern communication services that maintain those valuable connections.  For more information, visit:

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