Branding and Marketing

One of the single greatest advantages an independent rural CSP has is the fact that they truly know their customer and are able to create services that are geographically and demographically relevant to that customer.  In light of this fact, they can “out-service” any national Tier 1 service provider.  But, branding and marketing are significant to achieving success.  No matter who you serve, you need to keep an ongoing dialogue with the marketplace.  Don’t assume they know what you stand for unless you have told them.

Outreach begins with insight.  In preparation to deliver marketing plans that drive demand generation and create brand awareness, NetAmerica is committed to ongoing in-depth, 3rd party research of rural consumers and business owners.  Our current research indicates rural consumers place the same premium on speed, quality and savings as urban consumers but that they value community and family even more.  They place priority on connection; personal service with personal touch from people who share their ideals. This research, which is made available to our Members, not only helps them to package and sell service but helps the Alliance shape our product and service offerings.

NetAmerica works with Members in each critical phase of market deployment in order to drive the revenue plan and mitigate market risk.  The key is to bring the 4G LTE business plan to life by delivering great marketing to ensure a return on investment.  The Alliance provides support in planning, executing and measuring the success of targeted branding and marketing campaigns.  Our end-to-end marketing and branding support includes:

  • Evaluating the sales opportunity and competitive landscape
  • Defining brand and product positioning and messaging
  • Developing integrated marketing plans based on member timing, budget and revenue goals
  • Defining outreach campaigns and the optimal mix of marketing communications tools
  • Delivering first-rate, member and co-branded creative tools: advertising, brochure, door hangers, press release, event displays, and more
  • Ongoing evaluation of the success of messages, tools and campaigns

With research and proven Member success, NetAmerica created the national service brand, Bonfire™.  In leveraging the Bonfire brand, NetAmerica proves to be a powerful partner in planning, executing, and evaluating branding and marketing campaigns that raise awareness, drive revenue and secure brand preference.