Business Case & Deployment Planning

Comprehensive business case and deployment plans are critical considerations when evaluating the 4G LTE opportunity and mitigating associated financial risk. It’s crucial for a CSP to understand what the business model looks like, what the key drivers are within the financial model and how to drive revenue and while controlling cost.

This dynamic evaluation and planning process weighs a multitude of variables and scenarios that are specific to each Member company’s objectives.

While planning on this scale is inherently complex in nature, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Through experience, NetAmerica has developed a sophisticated financial analysis tool which allows Members to analyze the financial impact of their decisions in the delivery of 4G LTE. It ultimately provides the “what if” analysis and answers questions such as which are the most profitable zip codes, what are the appropriate service packages and what should be the timing of deployment. It is based on demographics specific to the towns served by a rural CSP.  We pre-load that information into our model and then work hand-in-hand with a Member to adapt the analysis specifically to their business and market goals. We leverage the wisdom and experience gained in having evaluated more than 50 such business cases and deployment plans as well as the real world experience of delivering commercial service in multiple Member networks. The result is a comprehensive seven-year plan with a full set of board-ready financials including income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statements. Because the plan is built to the specifics of a Member’s service area, (down the zip code with deployment planned by month), once approved it becomes a deployment plan.