From Operations to Revenue

The NetAmerica model is unique in that we provide a complete technical solution that includes hosting the 4G LTE core as well as the Operational Support System (OSS) needed to deliver service and measure performance.  Many other hosting providers simply offer a connection into their hosted core, leaving the local service provider to provide, implement and navigate its own OSS. Or, they provide a rudimentary OSS system severely lacking in capability and performance.  A solution is not complete until it delivers revenue for the service provider and we have embraced a holistic approach to making this happen.  We believe our Members should invest in the local Radio Access Network and in acquiring customers and not in having to do the heavy lifting of developing Operational Support Systems.

In addition to our hosted core, NetAmerica’s end-to-end solution delivers the tools necessary to provision, monitor, maintain and optimize the network.  Furthermore, we have built a highly secure and verified SIM card management system, which, if purchased separately from a SIM card manufacturer, would cost in excess of $300,000, plus annual maintenance fees of 20%.

With SuperCenter™ access and a complete OSS, our Members receive the operational tools needed to provision, activate service, monitor network performance, manage inventory and resolve service problems.  This is done through their own private portal which provides them complete control over their own Network.  The result is an accelerated and simplified time-to-profit.  NetAmerica is able to turn up a revenue-generating subscriber within one hour of a tower going live. 

NetAmerica’s OSS includes:

  • Provisioning
    • Via a private portal with multiple levels of authority
    • A hierarchical, context driven model with Administrators, Managers, Engineers, Technicians, and Customer Service Representative (CSR) menu based on login identifications
    • The ability to add, create, modify, suspend, swap and delete capabilities of IMSI, MSISDN, and related features and services
    • CPE inventory tracking – model, serials, and MAC addresses
    • IP address assignment tracking
    •  A complete service order management gateway
    • SSL secured and encrypted databases

  • SIM Card Management
    • A fully functional and easy to use SIM card management system
    • Manages PIN numbers, security keys and SIM inventory
    • Associates SIM information to customer to always allow a customer-centric view of your network as opposed to a device centric view

  • Network Monitoring and Management
    • Provides a graphical, map-based view with icons of towers and equipment operating in the live network with “point and click” drill down of any active alarms
    • Presentation of alarms by severity with detailed textural descriptions
    • Collection of network performance and throughput data

  • Reporting and Billing Mediation
    • Billing record mediation and distribution in CSV format ready for upload to your billing system