Our NOC / SuperCenter™

NetAmerica’s SuperCenter is an elite, multimillion-dollar 4G LTE core—fully IMS capable.  It is engineered to simplify and fast-track delivery of Members’ 4G LTE service to their communities.  Our model allows rural CSPs to protect their future and remain competitive by distributing the cost of a core network investment—leveraging the Alliance’s economies of scale to stay ahead of technology and generate new revenue.

In addition to SuperCenter access, NetAmerica provides 24/7 carrier-grade network monitoring and support from our world-class Network Operations Center (NOC).  Maintaining network uptime and business continuity is critical for any CSP.  Network downtime or performance impairment is disastrous to customers, business and the bottom line.   The 24/7 NOC allows our Members to rest assured that their networks are being monitored and their customers being serviced 24 hours a day.  

In our ongoing pledge to maintain the independence of rural CSPs, Alliance Members have 100% transparency with the NOC services provided.  Members retain the ability to provision, manage and troubleshoot issues via their own private portal.

Real-time management and monitoring of network operations is resource intensive.  With NetAmerica’s NOC services, Members can rest easy knowing that their network is in capable hands—ensuring reduced downtime, proactive incident management, increased customer satisfaction and reduced network support and monitoring cost.