Mitigating Risk

The future of 4G LTE radically changes the telecommunications industry and with that change comes challenge.  The inherent complexities of wireless network infrastructure, integration and operation are vast and today’s savvy consumer demands an unparalleled user experience.  At NetAmerica we not only understand these challenges but we understand that any business owner must manage key areas of risk in order to successfully deliver a new product or service. 

These are the six pillars of risk that every new venture faces.  The Alliance mitigates and manages those risks from concept, to construction, to customer management.  We’re with you every step of the way—turning risk into reward.

Market Risk

How do you develop a winning brand? How do you drive revenue?

Timing Risk

How can you come down the learning curve quickly if you are a single carrier doing it alone?

Financial Risk

What does the business model look like?  What are the key drivers in the financial model?  How do you drive revenue and manage cost?

Technology Risk

Do you have the right technology and architecture or are you forced to compromise due to your size?

Operational Risk

Is there a proven operating model? Has anyone done this before? 

Execution Risk

Do you have the right resources, at the right time in needed areas?

Through the programs, capabilities and services we deliver and through our investment in infrastructure and experienced personnel, we help our Members mitigate the six pillars of business and technology risk to allow them to profitably deliver 4G LTE. 

We do this because we, like our Members, believe that just because you choose to live in a rural community does not mean that you should have to sacrifice access to leading edge communication services.